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What we do

The SM Movement is a movement dedicated to the mobilization of all God’s people into meaningful involvement in the world Christian movement, through the formation of a biblical worldview that sees God’s mission as the call upon every believer’s life and the primary purpose of the existence of the Church – both universal and local. 

What We Do 

Simply Mobilizing has a vision to see all God’s people mobilized for the world Christian movement. Our courses and programs are specifically developed to help form a missional worldview leading to engagement with God, on mission, in today’s world. 

How We Do It 

Developing Missional Churches 

We are passionate about seeing missional churches across Canada in every language, equipping and facilitating God’s people to be on mission with God. 

Mobilizing All God’s People 

We are passionate about seeing all God’s people mobilized to be fruitfully engaged with God, on mission. 

Empowering Mobilizers 

We are passionate about seeing mobilization as a valid ministry in the Body of Christ and the empowering of mobilizers to function effectively in this God-given ministry. 

God is doing amazing things in the world and you get to be a part of that. In your city, in your workplace, in your family.